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Linux uinput tutorial - This is what I used to become familiar with the kernel uinput interface

SuperSEQ - my other sourceforge project
SuperSEQ is a joystick -> Midi converter. The main uses i've had for it are using a gamepad to send noteon/noteoff events to hydrogen (drum sequencer) and to use a guitar hero controller to drive fluidsynth modules (one and a half octives on the guitar hero controller.

Nghost - The Linux Car computer Front end (joy2chord is being modified as the joystick input interface for this project)

Bluetooth Keyboard Controller - For people wanting a wireless keyboard controller in hardware and not userspace. Description from Seller - The Wiimote uses the Broadcom 2042 keyboard controller with custom firmware to read accellerometer, drive speakers, etc. But if all you want is a wireless keyboard, the Bluepacket bluetooth keyboard module (BP20422), works fine. (External Link I am not associated with)